Get Your Fishing Line. The key with a chatterbait is to make sure you feel that blade vibrating. Designed specifically for inshore saltwater fishing, the DieZel ChatterBait features a heavy-duty custom 4/0 Mustad hook, a custom stamped stainless bait keeper, and a super strong Fastach clip to make it the most bulletproof bladed jig available. Why? Fishing a mid- to deep range crankbait makes sense, until it gets gummed up with weeds. You can fish it in grass, cover lots of water, and it creates vibrations that lure in those big female bass. Great video, what size of each component did you use, the links have quite a few choices that probably aren’t proportionate. The body of the bait comprises of several wires which produce the unique chattering property when casting in water. The longer the trailer is … When—This is a great year-round trailer selection, but I've had my best days using this combination in the fall, summer and winter months. As for the best line to use, you can actually use any type you prefer. However you can honestly use almost any type of plastic as a chatterbait trailer. Rigging a trailer on the chatterbait can be quite tricky if you are doing it for the first time. When the fishing gets tough and fish are short swiping your buzzbait or spinnerbait, add the Stickies Spinnerbait Trailer If you use a smaller trailer, the chatterbait may hide it. Another is that, because of the unique length this hook has, there is a tendency that it will clip to any object under the water. I noticed several fish follow it up to the boat and got maybe four more bites but was unable to land them. to cause an effect for the fish that they are real insects. If it gets hung up in some grass, pop it loose and you may trigger a reaction strike. Push it up all the way into the hook. Line – While some anglers like to throw a ChatterBait on braid around grass, Burghoff is a fluorocarbon guy all the way because it has just a bit of stretch. This wild grub is equipped with twin tails that paddle vertically in a rhythmic pattern to mimic baitfish swimming away frantically and crawfish.. You can also use your chatterbait like how you normally use a spinnerbait. This is best used as a trailer on a chatterbait, jig, Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Dropshot Rig, Ned Rig, or spinnerbait!. That deadly combination is the reason thousands of anglers have made The Original ChatterBait … Another technique you may want to try is fishing up in a river/creek or around the mouth of one with the chatterbait and grub only. A trailer is a soft plastic that you attach to your hook and can give the lure a little extra movement and can make it look more realistic. And now about the chatterbait. Anglers have always struggled with deep-water bass relating to weed edges feeding on forage. A great trailer for a chatterbait is the same ones you would use with a jig. They all seem to work perfectly for me, so I … The “bladed jigs” are proving to be very versatile and fish are not getting used to seeing them. The second being a stiff type of connection that secures the hook in place. I wasn't getting any hits on my swim jig so I put on a regular chatterbait, same basic skirt and trailer and right away I got a bite but it came off about half way to the boat. Time and again, top anglers rely on The Original ChatterBait® brand bladed swim jig to help fill livewells and cash tournament checks. Evergreen Jackhammer. I've never put a trailer hook on a chatterbait. A twin-tail trailer allows you to fish the jig a bit slower because of their flapping or finning action. Of those two the first is the preferred option. 2 thoughts on “ How to Make a Chatterbait Style Bladed Jig ” Michael Messina May 24, 2020 at 5:18 am. Depending on the color you choose you will find that different fish bite. He’ll also consider adding a trailer hook on the 3/4- and 1 1/4-ounce models. The first, and best, being a free swinging hook. Swimbait Style Chatterbait Trailers: Yamamoto Zanko – This bait was specifically designed to be a chatterbait trailer. There is a blade at the top with a hexagonal shape, then the hook, and finally the body used to hide the potent hook. There are a couple of different styles of trailer hook rigging options. On the pro tours, the Z-Man Jack Hammer has risen to be the gold s Here is a solid chatterbait & trailer combo you can rely on to put bass in the boat. Crews explains that he prefers a single, straight-shank, 2/0 or 3/0 hook designed to be a trailer hook, and never uses multiple trailer … The reason I throw the Salt Craw in CHatterbait infested water is the Salt Craw makes the lure a little more compact and thinner. Most pro anglers prefer a long rod around 7 feet in a medium to medium-heavy with a parabolic action. Strike King Rage Tail Craw or Rage Tail Chunk – Produce a ton of tail movement and pairs perfectly with a chatterbait. Something I occasionally, more so with my Salt Craw, is throw a completely different color trailer than the color of the Chatterbait. Chatterbaits continue to catch fish in many seasons at a high rate. Fish with chatterbait in this spot, your boat will be full of fishes. If you want to get a boat full of fishes then focus on the trailer size and quality. The Yamamoto Zako Swimbait is well known as a chatterbait trailer but it also crushes big bass when tailed on the back of a spinnerbait. Advertisement. How Do I Rig a Chatterbait Trailer? Trailer hooks are a sore spot for some anglers as they make the bait less weedless. There are a lot of different types of chatterbait trailers out on the market. Of course, you need your line ready before you tie on the chatterbait. However, you will find that you have lots of action with crayfish trailers as well. Perfect trailer if you are looking to add some bulk. Each pack comes with a short piece of tubing that can be cut to use on the spinnerbait hook after threading on the trailer hook to keep it from coming off in a battle. Here are the steps: Align the center of the chatterbait with the trailer hook. Bladed Jigs are one of the best producing baits for bass tournament anglers and weekend warriors alike, with the Z-Man ChatterBait (and Evergreen ChatterBait, Jackhammer, Freedom) as well as the Strike King Rage Blade being regular top producers. Trailer Hook Rigging. It is because you will find it so easy to do so, even when you do not possess professional skills. The difference lies in the need of a trailer hook when using a spinnerbait. It usually comes in the image of insects such as toads, scorpions, worms, etc. A jig trailer is a plastic bait that’s trailing behind the bait as the chatterbait moves through the water. But yeah you work it like a spinnerbait. If I'm burning a Chatterbait, I also go with fish imitating soft plastics for my trailers, but I always select ones that don't have as much action as a boot tail or a paddle tail swim bait. One of the most important things to know about choosing a chatterbait trailer is that you don’t need to have any action in your trailer. However, I personally prefer a trailer hook, especially when fishing in muddy situations where a fish is primarily swiping at the bait based on feel and less likely to inhale the bait completely. Generally, baitcasting gear is used when fishing chatterbait for bass. High quality hook, soft rod and braid I rarely lose fish anymore Moritz Chevrolet - 9101 Camp Bowie W Blvd, Fort Worth, TX - Monte Coon (817) 696-2003 Re: Do you use a trailer hook on your chatterbait? If you want something more subtle, I've even used Yum Dingers as trailers. It is extremely compact. If you want to fully unlock the power of the chatterbait you’ll need to use a trailer. Rigging Chatterbait Trailers. You may also want to attatch it to a trailer hook. The Original ChatterBait is a great choice to fish heavy cover.

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