You can unsubscribe at any time. Under the guise of a hotel night manager, former British soldier, Johnathan Pine, spies on a well-to-do entrepreneur, Robert Roper, who plays the middleman for criminal arms dealers. Inexact title. Roper is a billionaire criminal who traffics illegal arms and drugs. Neil Morrissey has come a long way since Men Behaving Badly, from voicing Bob in Bob the Builder to appearing as a corrupt cop in BBC police thriller Line of Duty. Tom Hiddleston has a promising 2016 lined up. Apostoll plants the suggestion in his employers' minds that Roper's normal front man, Major Corkoran, is unreliable, forcing Roper to use Pine instead. He also appears in The Russia House. For just £25 enjoy a tasting trio and learn from a Laithwaite's wine expert! And Jonathan is going to help her do it. The Night Manager series 2 ISN'T official yet; The Night Manager series 2 signs new writer; The Night Manager 2 will bring back "some" characters; Night Manager: Only … Several years later, Pine is working in Switzerland. Sign in to manage your newsletter preferences. Pine wins the confidence of Roper by "rescuing" his son from a phony kidnapping orchestrated by Burr and suffering a severe beating from the "kidnappers". The British intelligence director has the power to squeeze Roper – or, alternatively, let him slip through the net. Best known for decades in Britain as the bumbling fool in Blackadder or Stephen Fry’s long-time comic collaborator, he reinvented himself in 2004 when he took the part of Dr Gregory House in long-running US medical series House. Game of Thrones star Tobias Menzies is well used to this spying game, having appeared in Bond movie Casino Royale as M’s assistant Villiers. The Night Manager features the re-appearance of Harry Palfrey, the Legal Adviser to the British Secret Intelligence Service, who first appeared in The Russia House. Like Laurie, the Bafta-winning actress flits easily between drama and comedy, having moved from her breakout role in Peep Show to heavyweight performances in Broadchurch, Accused and film Tyrannosaur. Whereas Higgleston makes a convincing Bond, and may actually be rehearsing for the part, Laurie is utterly unconvincing as the most evil man in the world. Whitehall bureaucrat Rex Mayhew has an in with the highest levels of British Intelligence, but he’s not quite one of the big boys. Even better, however, is that he seems intoxicated by the world of espionage. Rob Singhal is one of Angela’s colleagues, stuck in a freezing office in Victoria with few resources and little patience for the operation. Corkoran is convinced that Pine is a plant, but cannot find any proof. The Night Manager continues Sunday 6th March at 9pm on BBC1. View Jonathan Pine. Either way, politics is murder. Pine is held captive on Roper's yacht and tortured. Eliezer. The Night Manager: why does TV find spies so sexy. The Night Manager is AMC’s sensational six-part thriller based on the best seller by John le Carré. “These are deeply frightening people and you absolutely don’t want to get on the wrong side of them.”, In the original novel, this character was a man, Leonard Burr. However, corrupt factions within both the CIA and British Intelligence are profiting from the illegal arms trade and mount their own operation, which they call 'Flagship', to scuttle Burr's sting operation. He is on duty when the "worst man in the world", Richard Onslow Roper, arrives with his entourage on a cold, blizzardy night. Richard Roper’s public persona is that of successful businessman and philanthropist, but behind the scenes the Brit has built up a ruthless arms dealing network. Cranford and Emma actor Alistair Petrie recently featured in Sherlock series three episode The Sign of Three. Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier, is the night manager. Meet the players in the long game: Roper’s Entourage Major Lance Corkoran, Lord Sandy Langbourne, Caroline Langbourne, his wife, Juan Apostol, Danny Roper, Frisky, Tabby Find out more about their characters and the full cast here. An Englishman, Jonathan Pine (played by Tom Hiddleston), is working as the night manager of a Cairo hotel. Pine has a complex character with a military background and schooling at the Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover. Little Daniel Roper is the apple of his father Richard’s eye. View Angela Burr. Trivia. All the dodgy papers are signed by him, leaving no paper trail that could lead to Roper himself. Already have an account with us? Despite many tests of his humanity, however, Eliezer maintains his devotion to his father. He forwarded copies to a friend with MI6. Series three of Boradchurch is set to start filming in May. The new writer Charles Cumming has hinted that "some characters that the audience know and love will be returning, others will not." Eager to avenge Sophie, Pine agrees to go undercover to infiltrate Roper's vast criminal empire. Five-times Olivier-nominated actor and director Douglas Hodge doesn’t just play the stage: he has a regular role as Bartholomew Rusk in Sky Atlantic drama Penny Dreadful, and featured opposite Sherlock star Andrew Scott in ITV drama The Town. Jonathan Pine is the night manager at a hotel in Cairo. Directed by Susanne Bier, the six-part mini-series aired on BBC One in the UK and began airing on AMC in the U.S. in April 2016. All the while, however, the operation is jeopardised by an inter-agency turf war within the intelligence community, with a suspicion that collusion with Roper is taking place somewhere. Based on John le Carré's 1993 novel of the same name, The Night Manager is a 2016 six-part crime drama BBC / AMC mini-series directed by Susanne Bier, which stars Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie.. By entering your details, you are agreeing to Radio Times privacy policy. Through her relationship with the gangster she has acquired information linking illegal international arms sales with Richard Roper (Hugh Laurie), an English billionaire. Pine finds himself collaborating with Roper under the direction of Angela Burr, an intelligence operative. Spanish lawyer Apostol (‘Apo’ for short) is a vital connection in Roper’s latest and greatest deal.Â. The girlfriend of Richard Roper, Jed believes she has found a safety in her new, enigmatic – and rich – lover. No we didn’t, so Angela Burr was born, a no-nonsense secret service officer desperate to make Roper pay for his crimes. The Night Manager The Characters. News, photos, videos and full episode guide, an adaptation of the novel by John le Carré, King Kong origin story Kong: Skull Island, Series three of Boradchurch is set to start filming in May, she was expecting her third child and her pregnancy was written into the script, ITV’s upcoming Julian Fellowes drama Doctor Thorne, Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie drama The Night Manager brings a Bond-like glamour and excitement to BBC1, Tom Hiddleston, Olivia Colman and Hugh Laurie are on the edge in new set pictures from The Night Manager, BBC warned Hugh Laurie not to meet real arms dealers to research his new role in The Night Manager. She’s set to appear in investigative thriller The Tale. Child actor Noah Jupe has already made appearances in ITV’s Downton Abbey and Sky Atlantic’s Penny Dreadful, and it can’t have been a bad acting education having Hugh Laurie as your on-screen Dad. He’s also currently part of the core cast in US superhero series Supergirl. It centers on the title character who is recruited to infiltrate the inner circle of an arms dealer. From co-creating comedy series Rev to appearing in Disney blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean, Tom Hollander can turn his hand to almost anything. He’s since been a series regular in political satire Veep, but this is his first British TV role for 13 years. A beautiful woman named Sophie, who is the mistress of an Arab playboy and would-be arms dealer named Freddie Hamid, asks him to photocopy some documents for her and then to keep the copy in the hotel safe. After being beaten by Joe Tucker in " Identity ", the Night Manager is replaced by Liam Ulrich. Olivia Colman is the third key element in this enviable British cast. They subtly threaten Goodhew, who backs off the whole case, and betray Apostoll's status as an informant to the cartels. British actor David Harewood has made a habit of passing off as an American spy, having memorably played CIA director David Estes in Homeland. E arly reactions to The Night Manager have found it hard to shake off the James Bond parallels, even going so far as to suggest that it feels like a virtual audition piece for Hiddleston as 007. Find out more about the cast and characters below. We don't have an article named Characters/TheNightManager, exactly. Corcoran, ‘Corky’ for short, is Roper’s right hand man. Another of Dromgoole’s dubious supporters, Harry Palfrey is the only character in the novel of The Night Manager to make an appearance in another of Le Carré’s books. In The Night Manager, the former soldier Pine gets recruited by MI6 to help bring down Laurie's character Richard Roper, a billionaire philanthropist who is actually an international arms dealer. Dystopian fantasy High-Rise is soon to be in cinemas, there’s Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light also set to come, and he’s currently filming for the lead role in King Kong origin story Kong: Skull Island. (Redirected from The Night Manager (miniseries)) The Night Manager is a British television … He also recently appeared in BBC2’s Cold War spy thriller The Game. Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and Tom Hollander star in the BBC adaptation of John le Carré's spy thriller. Sophie characterised Roper as "the worst man in the world". Fun fact: after she was given the part of Angela, Olivia discovered she was expecting her third child and her pregnancy was written into the script. Meet the cast of The Night Manager. We first meet him in that capacity at the Hotel Meister Palace in Zurich. While signing the paperwork Pine gathers information to convict Roper. Actor Antonio de la Torre featured in multi award-winning Spanish thriller Marshland in 2014, and UK filmgoers might also have seen him in Pedro Almodóvar’s border-crossing hit I’m So Excited! Roper is a billionaire criminal who traffics illegal arms and drugs. Roper will back any side – as long as the price is right. Before being killed, Apostoll reveals Pine's true identity to Roper under torture. Genre: Drama. In 2014 he played Dylan Thomas in BBC TV movie A Poet in New York, and is set to star in ITV’s upcoming Julian Fellowes drama Doctor Thorne. The series follows former British soldier Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston) who is recruited by intelligence operative Angela Burr (Olivia Colman) to infiltrate the inner circle of international businessman Richard Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie) and detonate the unholy alliance he has ministered between the intelligence community and the secret arms trade. Angela Burr. Geoffrey Dromgoole is The Establishment, cut from the same cloth as Pine’s nemesis Richard Roper. The Night Manager is an espionage novel by John le Carré, published in 1993. Jonathan Pine, a former British soldier, is the night manager. None of the characters, in fact, ever really amounted to much of anything. She drinks his champagne, shares his bed and plays with his son. He’s been desperate to play this part, even going so far as to scout out real-life arms dealers to help research for the role. Natasha Little is currently appearing in BBC3 drama Thirteen, but she is best known for her Bafta-nominated role as Becky Sharp in BBC period adaptation Vanity Fair. Jonathan Pine. A short time later, Sophie was murdered. Bradshaw and Roper fall for the deception, and Roper complies. Pine reluctantly agrees to do so and speed-reads the documents as he does. The novel is about Pine's preoccupation with undoing Roper's criminal e… We do have:Series/The Night ManagerTrivia/The Night ManagerYMMV/The Night ManagerIf you meant one of those, just click and go. When The Night Manager aired on the BBC back in 2016, it was a huge hit. Sandy is one of Roper’s trusted inner circle, but family trouble threatens to overshadow his usefulness to the enterprise. In " Shadows in the Cave " the Night Manager is replaced by Tori Fairchild who introduces herself as Victoria. She also played Liz Cromwell, wife of Thomas Cromwell, in 2015’s Wolf Hall. Contains spoilers for The Night Manager season one. A: The main difference is the privilege of exploring a character for six hours of running time as opposed to two. The six-part adaptation of John Le Carre's novel focusses on a former British soldier recruited by an intelligence operative to infiltrate the inner … He is on duty when the "worst man in the world", Richard Onslow Roper, arrives with his entourage on a cold, blizzardy night. With his life falling apart, Palfrey commits suicide. Sir Anthony Bradshaw previously appeared in the epilogue of The Secret Pilgrim, in which Leonard Burr also appears as the youthful Chief of the Service. He’s also deeply distrustful of anyone who tries to worm their way into Roper’s inner circle – especially Pine. The narrator of Night and the stand-in for the memoir’s author, Elie Wiesel.Night traces Eliezer’s psychological journey, as the Holocaust robs him of his faith in God and exposes him to the deepest inhumanity of which man is capable. If you want to … It follows the work of former British soldier Jonathan Pine, working as the night manager of a Cairo hotel. The first stage requires Pine to fabricate a criminal identity and cover story and head to the Bahamas, the location of Roper's primary residence. But no everybody believes he’s all that he seems…. About. Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman in a tense, stylish thriller from spy master John Le Carré. It is his first post-Cold War novel, detailing an undercover operation to bring down a major international arms dealer. Unfortunately, the BBC weren’t so keen: “I was advised that not only would that possibly make us legally liable but it may get worse than legally given the kind of world these people operate in,” he revealed. 'The Night Manager', is a contemporary interpretation of John le Carre's best-selling spy novel, which follows hotel manager Jonathan Pine (Tom Hiddleston)… The Night Manager: Roper - Character Spot on Vimeo He’s set to appear in BBC1 drama Undercover. He recently featured in BBC1 drama adaptation Capital and BBC1 crime thriller River. “A spy must possess an almost unnatural ability to dissimulate, to hide in plain sight, and a capacity for self-effacement and self-invention, which in itself is dangerous,” he says in a piece for Radio Times. He explains to Burr that Roper has convinced the cartel to organise its bands of enforcers along the lines of a professional army, in preparation for the inevitable day when the Western nations to whom they peddle cocaine decide to take direct military action against them. Pine and Jed are saved. The series, starring … A tribute to Corky, Tom Hollander’s colourful henchman in The Night Manager. Thanks! She hands him precious documents for safekeeping. As well as Game Of Thrones, Menzies also has a recurring role in Amazon series Outlander. The outlines of Flagship are confessed to Burr by a drunken Harry Palfrey, privy to it all but now stricken by conscience. She provided Pine with incriminating documents, asking him to forward them to the Egyptian authorities. The world of Night Manager is filled with arms dealers and spies… And seemingly innocent bystanders. But something about that smile is slightly off—turn a few degrees north and it looks like a wince. With her husband Sandy making eyes at their nanny, she could be encouraged to be indiscreet…. Burr also puts additional pressure on Palfrey by faking correspondence between himself, Goodhew, and his American partner to the effect that they know about Palfrey's duplicity, to get him to work for them. We are the fans of The Night Manager, a tv series based on a book by John le Carre. Roper has agreed to supply the cartel with military-grade weaponry and training from experienced mercenaries, in exchange for a large shipment of cocaine, at a discount price, which Roper will then sell in Europe for an enormous profit. Burr's operation, a joint effort between his group and sympathetic American colleagues, is code-named "Limpet." Aussie actress Elizabeth Debicki co-starred in Guy Ritchie film The Man From UNCLE in 2013, and before that was involved in Baz Luhrmann’s big screen adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Aure Atika is a French actress best known to UK audiences for her part as Queen Isabella in Channel 4 historical epic World Without End, and 2005 French indie film The Beat That My Heart Skipped. Hotelier, night manager, former soldier, dogsbody to the rich and famous: Jonathan Pine is a complicated man who keeps his secrets hidden beneath a surface sheen of grace and discretion. Richard Roper. Ever since being saved by Pine at the restaurant, Danny has become besotted with the new member of the group. The cast includes Tom Hiddleston as Pine, Hugh Laurie as Roper, Olivia Colman as Burr, Tom Hollander as Corkoran, and Elizabeth Debicki as Jed. ... “The Night Manager” was very attractive, and mostly entertaining. It stars Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine, the night manager at a luxury hotel in Cairo. The Night Manager. He sends Angela Burr information when he thinks it might help her case, but the real strings of power are in others’ hands. One of Dromgoole’s underlings, Galt doesn’t appear to take Angela Burr’s intelligence network seriously – but behind the scenes, he is taking a very serious interest indeed. Set in a dangerous world of arms dealers and elusive spies, it tells a story of the hunt for the Worst Man of Earth, Richard Onslow Roper. This was the first official confirmation that series 2 was even being considered, and it was reason enough for The Night Manager maniacs to order a slap-up celebration meal via room service. He gets involved with a local woman who is the girlfriend of a local gangster. [1], "Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander, Elizabeth Debicki Join AMC's 'The Night Manager,, British novels adapted into television shows, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 16 December 2020, at 01:39. Meet the key characters. The Tom Higgleston character is more or less James Bond and the Laurie character is Goldfinger, or any other Bond villain. Stephen Pike, hotel manager extraordinaire and the prototype for Le Carré’s lead character in The Night Manager, has spoken about his part … Having ‘saved’ Roper’s son in a staged kidnapping, Pine is close to penetrating Roper’s inner circle. The Night Manager Season 2 Cast The Night Manager Cast. See the list below. Inside Episode 101: The Night Manager Delve deeper into the series premiere of The Night Manager, as the cast and creators introduce the expansive world, and discuss the complex relationship building between Roper and Pine. One white male middle-aged man pitched against another white middle-aged man, and using a third, younger, white middle-aged man as his weapon of choice?”. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of The Night Manager with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at One night in Cairo, Pine met Sophie, a French-Arab woman, the mistress of the hotel owner, Freddie Hamid, who had ties to Roper. Two-time Emmy Award-winning mini-series based on the 1993 novel of the same name by John Le Carre. Dapper, posh, perfectly poised, and according to those in the know, “The worst man in the world”. Hugh Laurie, like the character he plays, has many faces. BBC1 spy thriller The Night Manager continues this Sunday 6 March at 9pm on BBC1. But how long can the pair keep their bosses out of the loop? The actor has all the signs of the classic cinematic heartthrob: crisp, fit, with an impeccable British accent and an easy smile. To save Pine, Burr sacrifices his operation and allows Roper to get away, by contacting Roper's "satrap," Sir Anthony Bradshaw, and bluffing that he has enough evidence to send Roper to prison with harsh consequences for any associates, but will stay his hand if Pine and Jed are released unharmed. When you combine the clout of a Shakespearean actor with the fan appeal of a Marvel arch-nemesis, you know you’re onto a good thing. We first meet him in that capacity at the Hotel Meister Palace in Zurich. How does a project like The Night Manager differ from acting in a Hollywood film?. It cost her her life…. Pine has been recruited by intelligence officer Angela Burr to spy on suave British arms dealer Richard Roper. The Night Manager In his quest to do the right thing, he must become a criminal himself. The Night Manager dispenses with most of this world. Is he a weak link? But Jed is no preening socialite; she may pretend all is right with the world, but Jonathan’s appearance forces her to confront the reality of who Roper really is. But, in author Le Carré’s own words, “Did we really want this in 2015? Played by Olivia Colman. Tom Hiddleston, who plays Jonathan Pine on AMC’s The Night Manager, talks about his character’s true identity and working with Hugh Laurie.. Q: Many fans will recognize you from your film work. Starring the best and brightest of British talent including Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman, the story is an adaptation of the novel by John le Carré. Premiered: Feb 21, 2016. Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman and Tom Hollander star in the BBC adaptation of John le Carré's spy thriller. His most recent TV appearance came this Christmas, where he played Russell Howard’s Dad in A Gert Lush Christmas Special. When Pine recovers, Roper recruits him into his organisation, in preparation for his latest and largest illegal arms deal, with a Colombian drug cartel. He has also fallen in love with Roper's innocent English mistress, Jed. The mistress of Egyptian player Freddie Hamid, Sophie picks out hotelier Jonathan Pine as a potential ally in the murky political waters of the Arab Spring. Get your gears turning with hundreds of puzzles, with new ones added each week - and enjoy a seven day free trial! You're now subscribed to our newsletter. Caroline Langbourne finds herself, like Jed, involved in Roper’s dealings through her other half. Character 7 is best known for the BBC-AMC adaptation of John le Carré’s The Night Manager, on which Garrett served as lead executive producer, and for supernatural thriller The Rook on Starz. On 10 January 2015, production of an adaptation was announced. Adeel Akhtar is best-known for C4 dystopian drama Utopia and Chris Morris terror satire Four Lions. Unknown to Pine, another part of Operation Limpet is that the cartel's lawyer, Dr. Paul Apostoll, is secretly an informant for the American FBI and DEA. Pine did so but disregarded her warning that Roper had ties to British intelligence. There’s something fundamentally compromised about a Tom Hiddleston character. Farewell Corky…it was nice knowing the unscrupulous army Major in the Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie thriller Network: BBC. It has been heavily rumored that the main characters will be returning. US agent Joel Steadman, Chief Officer at the US Directorate of Defence Trade Controls, is Angela Burr’s key ally in the Pine operation, codenamed ‘Limpet’. Played by Tom Hiddleston. From sleuth to spy, Jonathan Aris is best known for playing forensic scientist-turned conspiracy theorist Philip Anderson in Sherlock. What will Hiddleston himself ‘invent’ in The Night Manager? They live together in his isolated cottage at the Lanyon, a few miles from Land's End. Pine has a complex character with a military background and schooling at the Duke of York's Royal Military School in Dover. The novel is about Pine's preoccupation with undoing Roper's criminal enterprise, which began earlier, in Cairo, where Pine was working as the night manager at the luxurious Queen Nefertiti hotel. He is approached by ex-SIS Chief Leonard Burr and his senior civil servant backer Rex Goodhew, who have set up a small counter arms-proliferation office and are planning an elaborate sting operation against Roper.

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