In such instances alternative safe work methods must be developed to provide an equivalent level of safety. Scaffolds should be erected in accordance with the designer’s instructions and the scaffold plan. Scaffolds should be erected in accordance with the designer's instructions and the scaffold plan. 20 seconds . Numerous scaffolds produced from a variety of biomaterials and manufactured using a plethora of fabrication techniques have been used in the field in attempts to regenerate different tissues and organs in the body. Scaffold Tag System and Meaning. A scaffold plan is one tool that can assist you to safely plan and manage scaffold work and help you meet some of your health and safety duties under the WHS Act. o All scaffold materials are hoisted mechanically to the erector by a forklift or other lifting device, independent of the scaffold. 2740 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<43078759CDA76D40AD89A72001BE6267>]/Index[2717 36]/Info 2716 0 R/Length 115/Prev 353583/Root 2718 0 R/Size 2753/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Section 347 lists numerous standards applicable to elevating platforms and aerial devices. Rolling scaffold must not be used on sloped surfaces. Scaffolds are commonly used in construction work so workers have a safe, stable work platform when work can’t be done at ground level or on a finished floor. The scaffold tag is required for the duration of the scaffold’s erection, use, and dismantling. n+��0�3�@�L�7^��q ��K��*~0r���n�0yޏ&���n��y� v跻�i�����մ΄�w�Ͻ&�ry���AQ�9���*>00t4 ����� :�U���� u� #X �W�@��E�H��"X$�A�1��#�u&����X����f�>a�a�g��߹��n1c. Scaffold plans must be developed by a _____. When portable ladders are used for access to an upper landing surface, how many feet above the upper landing must the side rails extend? health plans. A unique scaffold identification tag number must be clearly identified on all tags for tracking purposes. Fittings should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s or designer’s specifications and the scaffolding plan. Scaffolding work must be undertaken by a person holding the appropriate class of high risk work licence. be set up, used, taken down, changed, or moved in any way that would put the scaffold and its components closer than 10 ft. to exposed and energized powerlines less than 50 kV . Safety and Health Plan” this should be . What is Scaffolding Safety? Stair-like ladders can be used to access the scaffold but must have handrails and treading. Scaffold tag colours are green for “Safe for Use”, yellow for “Caution: Potential or Unusual Hazard”, and red for “Unsafe for Use”. Which term describes a tool that is powered by compressed air? At what depth must a ladder, ramp, steps, or runway be present for quick worker exit? Scaffolding is the focus of Action 12 in E ssential Actions: A Handbook for Implementing WIDA’s Framework for English Language Development Standards (Gottlieb, 2013). Strength of the scaffold must be calculated as at least twice the lifting capacity of the appliance. If employers had focused their compliance efforts on these sections of the standard, they could have not only reduced workers’ compensation costs by lessening their employees’ exposure to some extremely serious workplace hazards, but they would have also significantly reduced their risk of receiving a citation. What is example of an unsafe practice regarding the use of tools? The plan should be available and accessible to the people who need it. Report an issue . Which of the following is NOT an example of proper access? SURVEY . unusual scaffold configurations such as large birdcage scaffolds. iii. Scaffold plans must be developed by a _____. The placement of ties for scaffolds wider than 3 feet may not exceed 26 feet vertically. Assigning a site superintendent and/or a safety officer who have been trained to identify scaffold hazards to conduct periodic inspections (and to take corrective action regarding safety and health hazards), along with assigning a lumber grader, would normally be considered indicative of good faith by a controlling employer to comply with the scaffold requirements. protection plan must include the following information; 1. 3.1.8. Note: if a non-standard scaffold is required, enlists, with assistance of the scaffold qualified person, a qualified engineer to design or review the design of that scaffold, before submitting request to Facilities . Trestle scaffold Trestles are a simple working platform used in pairs to support scaffold boards or proprietary staging and are intended for light work only. If the ratio is not maintained, ties or guys must be used. Scaffolding systems allow for a fast construction and disassembly of all components, including the cross-members, braces, ladders and the platforms themselves. contract listed in this appendix must be paid a regular hourly wage rate no less than the rate on this schedule for the type of work they are doing under the contract. An OSHA-approved state plan must have safety and health requirements at least as effective as those of Federal OSHA and must adopt comparable state standards within 6 months of promulgation of federal standards. Workers should be trained in the emergency plan. Workers must wear safety footwear and headwear when installing and working on a scaffold system. • Overhead protection must be provided for men on a scaffold exposed to overhead hazards. Front information displayed and completed for each tag. To develop an effective and useful scaffold plan consult with: Conduct the Training . The company must ensure that all deliveries of scaffolding materials are undertaken in a safe manner and consideration is given to the risk of falls from vehicles and as such this work is undertaken in line with NASC SG30 (Latest Edition)“Working from Vehicles”. Scaffold strut alignment was measured from SEM images using the Distribution function within OrientationJ; 30x images taken in the longitudinal and transverse planes of bottom, middle, and top regions of the scaffold were analyzed for each freezing temperature (three scaffolds, nine total images for each plane). All scaffold identification tags will be of a solid green, yellow, or red color with black lettering. The employer must ensure the following conditions. Determine instructional techniques and who will do the training. SCAFFOLD PLAN. Erecting a Scaffold. %PDF-1.6 %���� Work practices for such scaffolds should be developed by employers on a case-by-case basis in consultation with scaffolders, safety and health representatives (where they exist) and workers who may use the scaffold to carry out their work. Scaffold must be erected, moved or disassembled only under the supervision of Competent Persons. Ø All work must be carried out in accordance with the Occupational Health and … • The poles, legs, or uprights of scaffolds must be plumb and securely and rigidly braced to prevent swaying and displacement. Uncertificated persons carrying out this work must be directly supervised by a certificated scaffolder. A Scaffold Safety Program (SSP) may be thought of as a plan of action to accomplish a safety objective related to work with scaffolds. h�bbd```b``^"W�H��`��X�,�"�xA$�/0�8��D���H��`�X��,�$�ă�����m��Dr��3����v�c`bd�����$�3�(�` 2] ii. 2717 0 obj <> endobj If ladders are used to access the scaffold, use ones that are designed for that specific scaffold. A person doing scaffolding work more than four metres in height must hold a certificate for basic, intermediate or advanced scaffolding. grounded For voltages over 50 kV, the scaffold must not be closer than 10 ft. plus 4 in. Using a screwdriver to carve or cut wood. Employers must comply with OSHA standards related to materials handling, including training and _____. Emergency plans should be developed with workers. Pneumatic. Consider the number, frequency, and length of sessions. Removing the grounding pin on a three-prong plug.

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