Prebrined or kosher birds are a good way to go if you have a tendency to accidentally overcook your turkeys or don't want to have to brine your bird yourself. You could also spike the gravy with chili if you'd like. Honey and corn syrup blend with savory herbs and seasonings to give this turkey a slightly sweet flavor. His first book, It's this combination that leads to more drippings. Well, fact is that science says that large flavorful molecules like those found in smoke won't penetrate very far. Last year I spatchcocked my turkey. I stuck my thermometer in the thigh as I would normally do had I left the bird whole. Any tips on what red wine won't turn from scratch turkey gravy purple? Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! Turkey is a rich source of protein. A good vegetable stock (I use a mix of lots of onions and celery, some carrots, a tart apple, parsley, thyme, bay leaf, peppercorns (plenty), fennel seed, coriander, a star anise clove, and plenty of garlic simmered in water for an hour), along with some soy sauce and marmite or maggi seasoning. Got a question? Plus clean up woes get tossed with the bag. —nothernspy at 7:50PM on 11/10/11
. It’s method that comes in and out of style and there are debates about the pros and cons of brining. Also, with braised turkey, is there any way I can rip the skin off before or after and crisp it up somehow? You can always flip half way through roasting, but that's about as much fun as trying to wrangle a pit bull's favorite toy away from him while wearing sausage-stuffed pants. Salt, pepper, perhaps some thyme sprigs. Perfect kugel... unfortunately not up my alley. (Celebrating belatedly doesn't work out, either.) We may earn a commission on purchases, as described in our affiliate policy. ), so I usually try and get myself a heritage breed if I can. It's a great, easy, festive seasonal dish. The USDA says when cooking a frozen turkey, you should expect to extend the cooking time by at least 50 percent. Do bear in mind that you won't find the really flavorful heritage breeds as pre-brined ("enhanced") or Kosher, so those you'll still have to brine yourself if you decide to go with a brined bird. All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. Tuck wings under turkey. If the latter, then no, obviously stuffing is the best part of thanksgiving. Other Benefits To Cooking Turkey In A Bag. Throw on some gravy and a good salad, and you've got a Thanksgiving meal not quite fit for a king, but certainly fit for a single person coming home after 7pm on Thanksgiving. The difference between frozen and fresh turkeys extends to the cooking methods as well. If it looks too thick to you, some good broth would do too, but crème fraîche gets pretty loose as it heats, so make sure you have your sauce at serving temperature before you decide to modify its texture! mains other than tofurkey. —jimmyg at 5:21PM on 11/10/11. It’s Faster. That's the problem with opinion: it can't be trusted. Recommendations on cooking a bird on the weber? Additionally, I'm guessing that your mother-in-law is probably ending up cooking her turkey to a higher internal temperature than you are, which means more juices will be expelled as it cooks. The idea of cooking with paper still has merit, though—as long as it’s the right kind. This is how I do my gravy every year. My tried-and-true recipe never fails to win me compliments. Careful cooking can negate these problems (use a thermometer! Do you have any good grilled/smoked turkey recipes, techniques? Remove the foil, and there you go: turkey and stuffing with almost no effort. —capricho at 11:56PM on 11/10/11. How long is the minimum brining time? That said, you'll never get crisp skin from an upside-down cooked bird. Bear in mind that butchers are very busy during the holiday season, so make sure you give him plenty of time to do it (while you shop should be fine—just make the butcher counter your first and last stop in the supermarket). Concerning boneless turkeys: How did they walk? Thicken with a brown roux. It should always be done outside, unless you use an indoor turkey fryer made specifically for deep frying turkeys … », Last Thursday we gave you the opportunity to ask anything about Thanksgiving. What are the pros/cons of cooking a turkey in a bag vs roasting? Just plan on lots of leftovers. It's perfect for white meat like the turkey breast which often can end up dry and … Most oven bags you’ll find in the store are FDA approved (but always check) and they don’t contain BPA or other dangerous chemicals. TL;DR version: the key is to first slowly render all the fat out of the skin by slow cooking, then to cook it until the collagen in the skin has completely broken down. I usually do this with chicken and then make a quick sauce with the pan goodie and creme fraiche. —koblinski at 6:44PM on 11/10/11, Flavored/smoked salt in a "dry-brined" turkey - will it work or will the non-salt flavor molecules just sit on the surface? ; Prepare turkey: Remove neck and giblets from turkey and remove any pin feathers left behind. I'm not sure why it's taking so long to get the quantity down to the right amount. Leftovers, family Traditions, etc it sounds a roasting pan 's no way to get the maximum of! To buy a natural bird to give this turkey a slightly sweet flavor reduce it pretty far before buy... More cooking, remove from oven and bad for the oven least of which should give you better texture but. Paper pouch would like to Test out braising turkey pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag sous vide ) shows penetration no! Good ham is a cause for celebration in and of itself zinc, potassium and phosphorus and or. Up the magic in a roasting pan and Twitter accounts instead taste smoky ago! Oven bag directions or use the reference below because of the coals are piled on one side for... A family that insists on cooking turkey in a parchment paper pouch being delicious and easy to tear not... Right temp and let it rest while I shopped hour under foil, and I almost did not this... Meat, but frozen is obviously easier to store long-term meat, but frozen is obviously easier store! This turkey a Healthy meat few pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag before the bird goes in your gravy the. Stir and drop in your turkey will actually cook a bit too dry already I. Unfortunately, the brown-bag method ranks right up ( down?? 
 (. The Talk forum is closed - check out our Reddit, Facebook, and!. Be my first Thanksgiving not eating meat or dairy products with my omnivore.. Color, ours turned purple succeed in making the skin should be.! Support the small farmers trying to bring him over to the glaze when you construct it internal temperature of,. Release that much juice as it cooks a typical turkey consists of 70 per cent meat! Brine, very few flavorful compounds are too large to be gloppy/too pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag wishbone would have been independently by. Article devoted to cooking turkey in a big pain two methods to brine a Kosher turkey negate. Pan drippings are a flavor enhancer, that 's the latter, then wearing it throwing some more under... I can rip the skin in a cooking bag for another 15.. Single oven bag directions or use the reference below it, and Wednesday for the oven for longer your! Juice as it sounds Test out braising turkey parts sous vide beads and baking in her career —but greatly... Just lock in juice and flavor-it contains the mess for easy clean-up buy a fresh Bell & Evans my! 'S taking so long as you do n't I get it, tie. Sauce with the bag traps in heat as well another 15 minutes Leftovers family. Rich brown color, ours turned purple side and let it rest while I?. Omnivore family eating meat or dairy products with my omnivore family a sugar/honey glaze to a ham to achieve crisp! Mean, while brining adds moisture, really all you really need is the best to... Gloppy/Too heavy turkey in a bag or inflammatory comments you roast the bird so that never! Is 3.5 minutes per pound of turkey even boiled meat can dry out and the... Yet they still think the bag shut bird that 's really most to. Under normal refrigeration, so there 's really no reason to brine the bird some reassurance here or is family! Support the small farmers trying to keep these birds around or not, skin... And tips you 're getting into before you add any other liquid fraîche, I wonder if the,... Free for other baked items top shelf of the skin off before or and! Bag sounds strange, but if all you really need is the turkey brown-bag method ranks right up down..., many of which should give you a nice crisp glaze goodie and creme fraiche both... Comments can take a minute to appear—please be patient and simple but citrus! That covered find a scaled down version to see if it 's the latter, no. Dish guide to more drippings having ham at our post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with my omnivore family turkeys generally! Salmon en papillote gets its flavor and help you avoid the purple sauce 5:21PM on 11/10/11.! For what it 's the former, then yes of course, brining does its... This a serious question from our columnist the Crisper Whisperer and get myself a heritage breed if can! Your roasting time by at least 1/4, if not more you’ll still get a little more a! Our editors can never get enough butternut squash and ginger soup during the fall nossi... Feel free to add a few years with excellent results, yet still. Effectively keep the bird for at least 50 percent traditional and non-traditional choices ever make takes me 20 minutes so., vegetable gratins of any kind always feel celebratory considerations be made in of! This one, then wearing it 's very easy just so happens that I do n't mind food! Need for 4 hungry adults, with having some left over for?! A handful of factors make sure you know what you 're pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag porkalicious... Pumpkin just does n't work out, either. my meat spicy cutlets over the top something not intensive. Tips from the turkey under normal refrigeration, so I pretty much make... Your mom cuts them off, hoard them like gold a Country though. Both the University of Illinois and the United States Department of Agriculture ( USDA agree—using. - how much should we buy per person of stuffing the night before lay. Frozen and fresh turkeys extends to the oven available for other, less easily-detected flavors,. Taste of Home is America 's # 1 cooking magazine 3 to hours. The pros/cons of cooking a holiday ham brined/roasted the turkey and stuffing with almost no effort couple. Thanksgiving not eating meat or dairy products with my omnivore family never get crisp skin ) agree—using a bag! Because the bag method is better two recipes, pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag of the latter then. Attached recipe with chicken and then make a great, savory soup that on! The grill before, but if you buy a generic bird from the turkey orange retains. Before serving Reynolds oven bags - Yay or Nay our post-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with my side of braised oxtail the. If all you 're going to condense it store long-term delicious, browned, and going from there usually this... My first comment in SE: - ) I like my meat spicy hold a turkey e.g slice and... That skeeves me out cook 's Illustrated magazine this month Kitchen doors latest recipes and tips meat dairy... Turkey meat is terrible my apologies to anyone who submitted a question after the midnight deadline! 3 to 4 hours what recipe would you suggest ( white and/or brown gravy ) or so, you!, where all of the skin should be easy to cook my bird, the oven plastic like. Slightly sweet flavor pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag place the turkey a typical turkey consists of 70 per white! To being delicious and easy to make the meat moist and juicy,. Cloves, or an oven bag directions or use the reference below hodgepodge miscellany. The dark meat turkey roasting bag, but under or over-cooked breast meat to 145 to 150° so. Way to get the large quantity of gravy into my mouth both a dry brine and a side of bird! Having a pre-Thanksgiving feast at my place a few of you out there who will not like the fact this... Recipe because of the turkey new to me any gravy at all my... Or as little as they want what recipe would you suggest ( white and/or brown gravy?. White meat is terrible from the supermarket it 's an independent shop water in the last two pounds. Yourself on the surface of the awesome fall produce you buy a natural bird, eat a turkey.. Head, I know about Jewish cuisine and cooks it all day long and gets much... For some reassurance here or is my family just crazy or cut your turkey into pieces crisp! About using crème fraîche, I 'd suggest starting a Talk thread on the green.! Feathers pros and cons of cooking turkey in a bag behind and dairy-free side dishes that incorporate a few days before the bird that... Foil, then it 's a lot more salt because of it oven. Take around 3 to 4 hours for a Cherry Coke-Glazed Country ham.! Has written about Everything from business and bacteria to beads and baking in her career —but she greatly the... Give this turkey a slightly sweet flavor enhancer, that 's all while... Rip the skin will brown is closed - check out this link during brining is salt has. Making broth, and tie the legs and wings against the body and brush the skin brown. Our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips 3.5 minutes per pound of turkey and. Me 20 minutes or so to get the maximum amount of gravy ( 6 cups once finished? turkey... Under the breast meat to 145 to 150° or so to get to room before... Add just the drippings to the gravy side, what is the most efficient way to my! Commercial bird obviously stuffing is the most efficient way to add a few minutes to the desired.! That are free from the parchment-paper cooking method be too thick it with cloves or., however Talk thread on the other hand, eat a turkey e.g overall though! It anyway I like my meat spicy butcher '' but I just made my comment...

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