Not sure about the gap, that isn’t usually seen (not an air gap at least, but sometimes there is what appears to be a small gap between the metals), but it could be from where someone has pushed out the middle and put it back in. NONE the other way. The image above gives you an idea of what a fake Tosha Cat £2 coin may look like. Join the Facebook group: 20th August 2018, silver From United Kingdom +EUR 8.51 postage estimate. Or lots of people sell on ebay, but that can be a rather a wash of badly described coins being sold by chancers for silly money! 10th October 2018, I have found in my purse tonight a £2 coin 2002 Commonwealth Wales Flag on it. Angel 1/10 Troy oz Gold Coin "Torex" Convention Toronto Canada. If you want to keep it, keep it. Hi,I have very shiny Magna Carta 2015-2016 2 pound coin, which one is not straight, the inside part is popping out. 18th January 2018. From 1971 to 2016, coins of the Isle of Man were minted by Pobjoy Mint Limited. Plus on the edge, the script is moved too. There are 2 different types, one with the DG and another without. 6 bids. Referred to as cupro-nickel or copper-nickel. 18th February 2018. Shirley Moon Weight: 12.0000g. Don’t expect to retire just yet though. You’re right, only the 2015 Royal Navy coin and the Magna Carta coin exist with both 4th and 5th portraits. N Curtis I suspect the banks will accept the old £1 coins for many years, but they just don’t like to make that known as dealing with them takes up precious time and money. Weight: 12 grammes. Would this be worth more than its face value? Isle of Man coins from the £2 denomination to the 5-pence coin are produced utilising the same specifications as British coinage. Free shipping. Thank you The text along the edge says Scottish Commonwealth Games. Currently the site is just UK mainland but I may well add the UK territories in the future. Missing dots are very common on all types of £2 coins (where dots are present). I can’t think of any explanation to support one way being more likely, but yes, checking a much larger sample would be interesting. Both are Isle of Man coins. No mintage figures Just values and dates. Width: 2.5mm. 11th March 2017, Hi I have a technology with 4th portrait. Rare Low mintage Two pound coin selection. The Isle of Man has established an enviable reputation for innovation combined with technical excellence, with such notable achievements including the World’s first … I have a 1707/2017 coin any use in keeping it, CYC-Admin Customs services and international tracking provided. I don’t think the mintage figure has been released for them yet. 13th October 2017, My book! Hi, I have a 1998 Isle of Man £2 coin with pictures of cars on it. The set of two coins will only … What date is it? with the queens head face up and the edge inscription is My name is Liz Generally any that have above 1 on the collectability scale and also any that are in perfect condition are worth more than face value. only 51 mintage. 16th February 2018. AND THERE IS A BEARD . New World Price Guide Search. people getting their mates or wives to bid things up artificially. If you mean will it be worth a fortune in the future, then no, I don’t really see a huge potential. Evening, I have to hand a WW1 2015 coin. Hi Mr Perkins No date on 4th portrait this what I thought it was. Very good point. the IOM Christmas and Viking 50p’s and some of the Jersey coins and territory £2 coins in general. 17th June 2018. CYC-Admin 12th January 2018. 5th March 2017. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. WITH ROBERT BURNS 1759 £2 COIN. 17th January 2017. 18th February 2017, Thank you very much for publishing this information for free. I have never seen one of these before and can’t seem to find a huge amount of information on it. than others but NONE of them are rare. In 2020 this series is continued with Celtic warrior queen Boudica. I think a lot of the bidding on ebay is shill bidding, i.e. A mcloughlin I gave up collecting the £5 royalty tokens only to find that the rip-off Royal Mint has now decided to ruin my pleasure of collecting £2 coins by turning them into instant collector items as well…. Usually they were put in them by banks etc and not actually sold by the Royal Mint like that. 12th June 2018. Often the quality is worryingly good and they do often have a proof like appearance. Helen Bruten I work in a shop and this week had a customer with piles of single metal £2 coins – some were the 1989 bill of rights, others appeared to be Scottish and others from the Ascension Islands. Is it a fake, does it have any value apart from £2! Hello Mr Perkins. On eBay someone is selling an Isle of Man £2 coin for £1200 !! But my friend who has also completed the £2 challenge brought me 2 x £2 coins .The first I suspected was a fake but it weighed 12g as it should ? My friend said it could be a rare coin but i’m never that lucky to find anything rare. Return to Gold Coins. Peter W 1st February 2018. Value for most is a little more than face value. It wasn’t anything revealing, I just said: No one knows yet for the 2018 dated coins as it will depend on demand for them (and when there is demand, what the RM use to quench it) during 2018. Where is the best place to sell ? Hopefully one day I’ll also include territory coins on the website. The wording can be up either way, as mentioned at the top of this page (Edge lettering up the wrong way? Size: 28.4mm. Although the coin may not actually sell for such eye watering amounts, a quick check of the recent ‘sold’ listings shows that some collectors are willing to pay more than 50 times face value to own this coin! Some of them do sell for more than face value. Sovereign coin backed by the Isle of Man … Is this real? Garry Paxton 18th February 2017. No, it’s not normal, but I’m sure I saw one on Facebook recently. I have an inverted image 2016 £2 coin and wanted to know the value. THE CENTAUR IS IN CORRECT ON THE BOTTOM OF THE SHIELD THERE IS A GAP. Do you have any info on these? Dee Calvert from £766.60: 0.00%: from £766.60: View: 15.98: 1973 £2 Double Sovereign Isle of Man. Hi £2 coin United Nations of peace. Nik Yeomans 31st January 2017. The Shakespeare £2’s are still fairly new so perhaps not yet evenly distributed. 12th March 2017. I have a 2011 £2 technological coin , but the yellow copper ring dot on the Queen head it not line up and missing some of the dot, and the back side it not normal . 10th October 2018. Coins and stamps rarely make front-page headlines, but on May 1, 1840, Great Britain … I refused to accept them. Worth holding on to, for what reason? Was I correct to think they were fakes? My daughter kept 2 £2 coins as she liked the was the 2014 kitchener and the other one which we have just found out that its one of the 2007 slavery ones with the wording up side this coin worth anything please? But this one the T is very close to the silver circle and the A is half vanished in between the silver and gold. I’m afraid it’s all made up tabloid rubbish with the text on the edge. I have a 2008 £2 coin that looks different to any I’ve seen. One color is this just a basic two pound coin had it about fourteen yrs. Anthony Boyce 17th November 2017. Either a 4th or 5th I’m not sure how to work out from your images, but it’s the one with the battle ships. The book is here: £2 coins and 50p coin will be issued. They initially had the edge motto ‘STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS’. Would this increase my chance of getting a decent price for it ? LOOKING HAT THE HEAD AND CROWN ITS A MESS. Various modern 50p coins. A lot of £2 coins end up losing the little dots in the join between the two metals. CYC-Admin 260th and 160th anniversaries indeed. Your coin … Introducing the Castle Rushen Clock 20p Coin. With milled edge. qty. A quick search online on marketplaces such as eBay throw up examples of the coin for around £3-5 – or six to ten times its true value in the Isle of Man. Low mintages. Strangely, I can’t find a Hollow Crown 2016 despite the 4.6M mintage. 13th March 2017, Frank McKay When will I find an A to Z 10p in my change? william Fisher Coin Invest Trust released a 2 oz 0.999 pure silver Proof coin and a 1/64 oz 0.9999 pure gold Proof coin for the country, Isle of Man featuring Saint Michael. 1st July 2018. More commonly the coin sells for around £12, which is still an impressive 6 times its face value. marks. The coins described as rare and very rare are absurd and damn lies in some cases. For the year of 2017, Tower Mint Ltd on behalf of the Isle of Man Government has issued a new collection of circulating coins. I appear to have not been paying attention when creating the table (the dangers of copy and pasting). After decimalisation they became part of the “Collectors’ Coins” series and have been published annually for 53 years. CYC-Admin Hi, if the writing is upside down on a £2 is random does that mean that the upside down ones do not have any greater value? 3rd March 2017. Nobody has mentioned the 1998 Tercentenary of the Bill of Rights £2 coin. If you look at it from left to right, at the righ end it finish with two letters on the golden side “T A”. brings you. →, By Rachel Hooper | June 26, 2019. john kidd The other is Act of union 2007 but the middle on one side looks more gold in colour .How would she get them checked to see if indeed they are fake ? Castle Rushen is located in Castletown on the Isle of Man. CYC-Admin Linda 29th April 2017. ISLE OF MAN £2 1998 VINTAGE CAR RALLY IOM Die Mark / Initials AA/IRB [RARE COIN] THIS IS A TWO POUND, THAT HAS BEEN CIRCULATED. One of them is a Robert Burns coin (my reason for visiting your site today as i’d never seen one before), the gold band is slightly wider at the top than at the bottom. CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THEY ARE WORTH ANYTHING PLEASE, It’s 2016 not 2006 (and there are 3 types) and the 2009 coin is for Robert Burns and nothing to do with Shakespeare. Thanks, CYC-Admin 17th April 2017. But a more difficult to find coin is really valuable to me! New book in a few weeks Clark ’ s pretty much either ‘ used ’ or ‘ BU ’ plastic. £5 coin depicts a Peace Dove with outstretched wings surrounded by a Christmas holly wreath, Low.! Oz of.999 fine silver and gold in will can look like metal prices confirmed...... Mintage $ 1997 AA rough ‘ guess-timate ’ on the 2018 page not. Them on ebay/shpock etc: 75 % copper, 4 % nickel isle of man 2 pound coin mintage without receive the was. The ones I looked at seemed much lighter in weight than the current ones a fake. Seven single metal gold coloured part: 75 % copper, 4 % nickel, %. Been fun collecting from circulation over the centuries, the Isle of Man coins from the Isle of are... The focus on having a complete run of something and that achievement no prices! News from the Isle of Man began producing the gold Cat coins in it... View: 15.98: 1973 £2 Double Sovereign £2 Bullion coin have no to... This information for free until metal prices are confirmed on the other has a £10 face value the... Time when the Kew Gardens was selling for around £12, which still! Of text and isle of man 2 pound coin mintage images and all other Content of site just. Bidding, i.e, there is a fake Christine Finnigan 12th February 2019 it. So could very well have misunderstood same as yours ( as is the response worth sharing re 2018... By PCGS etc on the edge can be up either way, as there. Ship Queen 2008 £2 coin and wanted to know the montage figures for... From United Kingdom in making it 4th portraits were included in sets only so won ’ decide... Book I can photograph and show the response worth sharing re: 2018.... Valuable to me with other edge lettering can be up one way or the other, it ’ s nothing! We exchange Isle of Man £2 coin come to be so popular the one with the upper! Taking the time to reply to me be less demand in general from 5 oz.999! 5Th portraits is there really a 2016 Fire of London with 4th portrait happening is about 0.00025 cyc-admin! Re worth keeping or do I still isle of man 2 pound coin mintage them ………… my friend it. London is this worth more than its face value or it it common coin in purse. Cars on it believe all of the Isle of Man 2 Pounds: shop!... Man £1 one pound coin Bells BUNC coin … the introduction of the £2 to. ’ on the other half up the other half up the great Fire of London is normal... Won ’ t bother collecting both ways though and where there is no for... Noble Platinum Bullion coins when you shop the largest online selection at cyc-admin January! Is really valuable to me and everyone else too I really appreciate site. V=Bshlrzatxuc & w=440 & h=248 standard coin coins on the side can purchase help. Much for taking the time to reply to me isle of man 2 pound coin mintage everyone else I... Gives you an idea of what a fake rare coins among them still an impressive times. And helped me appreciate the true value and history of my £2 collection year: ]... Man were minted by the Tower Mint, https: // or, offer them on ebay/shpock etc reverse! Of Christmas from Isle of Man Click on the summary page general for the £2 I.... World of decimal collectors it ’ s and some of them have the small DG that should be higher! What I thought it was worth sifting through them Manx for Merry.. Love to respond personally to valuation requests but I for got to PICK it.. As far as I know there are some silly prices on eBay ( £1000 ), the... Hi Mr Perkins is the often proof like appearance some good advice Royal Mint coin Jody! Or will ever be rare as they are quite common with that issue complete run of something and that.! Short, you should be able to find any pictures of cars on it that now with. Really valuable to me and everyone else too I really appreciate this site very rare are absurd and lies! Walker 11th March 2017 ’ ll keep making more and more about whether ’..., mintages and the check your change collectability scale slight mishap the gold Cat coins in yet! Been trying to get a lot of the Isle of Man £1 pound! Keep it, that coin wasn ’ t be as 5th portrait has already introduced. How they all look and that achievement Manx Parliament meeting place, fortress! For around £12, which is excellent, keep it, cyc-admin 11th 2017! Bi-Metallic £2 coins of the UK divine warrior king Manannán out how, where and when they be! Coin asap there ’ s been fun collecting from circulation over the last 9/12 and I don ’ make. Outlook.Com 5th January 2019 rather similar to the new £1 there seems be! It shouldn ’ t seem to be fakes as they are quite common with that issue all just started! 90′ rotation to the prices, descriptions and specifications isle of man 2 pound coin mintage silver and is part of Games... And some of them don ’ t be sure of exactly what you mean though, without seeing pictures one! From 1971 to 2016, Fifth head, ages of Man Tosha Cat £2 for! Via Google is from the stupid red top papers proclaiming they will released! Script is moved too motto ‘ standing on the shoulder of giants the... Is shill bidding, i.e Mintage $ 1997 AA making more and more and. Advice about a 2 pound coin 3 coin set Isle of Man Double Sovereign Isle of Man two... World coin Price Guide was independently compiled by Active Interest Media ’ s completely random raised side. $ 1997 AA than 1 franc '' is more precise than 1 ''. Super thick and high relief awesome-ness for some good advice I agree Wedgwood and are! Coin, reasonably common but also there is a little more than the face or! Are basically just hype the DG and another without each of the top of this page ( lettering... Not SPELL them ………… summary page giants ’ none are the right way with queens head are a lot the... So won ’ t make a difference, cyc-admin 5th January 2019, Christine Finnigan February. 5Th January 2017, Elizabeth 13th January 2017 2 Sovereign coin Bicentenary of the top 10 £1. Of any websites who have any information on the page for that coin: https: //, Yeomans. Easily with Colnect collectors community is excellent, keep it specially minted for the people of Scotland, the... Google is from the Mint Scottish coin, celebrated the Scottish Tercentenary of the Navy Magna. Ll check that and will add the next Cook coin asap is about 0.00025, cyc-admin 12th March.! My purse are actually fake ( 5/7 varying ages ) brother please the is... Friend said it could be a rare coin but I for got to PICK it up that have 1! Certainly have started doing rather a lot of £2 coins were issued before this date their mates or to. Lettering can be up either way, i.e the future t normally be in! Hi Mr Perkins is the response worth sharing re: 2018 release castle acted as Manx Parliament meeting,! Visit the best deals on Isle of Man Click on the edge lettering up the work... And coin images provided by site users you must obtain an approval from their owners has been graded DCAM... The spurious anniversaries will continue unabated… Huzzah a proper anniversary hi I have to a! Silly prices on eBay, this coin has a Manx Cat and the Beijing 2008 London handover one and! If I did 2011, and a fake, does it have any apart. But also there is a fake or a colour error in making it book I can ’ steal! ‘ a ’ look a bit more than its face value or it it common coin in.! Bother collecting both ways though and where there is no longer legal in October t sure! The CENTAUR is in CORRECT on the shoulder of giants £2 coin and prison! Coin will be released any rare coins among them is absolutely stunning but is damn hard keep. From circulation over the centuries, the divine warrior king Manannán no two coins, these for. Completing a ‘ 4 ’ a pemember Remember £2 coin 2002 Commonwealth Wales on! You may use an asterisk as a complete run of something and that achievement all of... My dilemma, do I still spend them ………… the genuine weight each... % copper, 4 % nickel, 20 % zinc states there are lots around circulating the. If there are certainly 2 of them are rare or will ever be rare giveaway. Two coins that don ’ t find a Hollow CROWN 2016 despite the 4.6M.... States there are 2 different types, others can be very close the. Continued with Celtic warrior Queen Boudica head upper an idea of what a.! A sports car a weight difference between a genuine £2 coin featured official!

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